Our company

The Fondital Service Company is active in the application of integrated energy systems of Heating, Air Conditioning and Renewable Energy Sources as well as mainly with the maintenance, failures, failure of the individual fontital boiler with a full range of spare parts of the house fondital nova florida.

It was founded in 2004 by Salampasidis Leonidas based in Ampelokipi, Thessaloniki at 21 Nikolaou Plastira Street.

fond-logo-smallOur Company is an authorized dealer with full availability of Fodital Group (Nova Florida.) Spare parts.
The fondital group is one of the largest companies in the field of heating worldwide with a strong presence in the Greek market as it has installed over 10,000 machines mainly in northern Greece.

The training and information we receive on an annual basis from 2004 until today at the factory premises of fondital at FONDITAL SPA Via Cerreto, 40 – 25079 Vobarno make our technical team the most trained and specialized in boilers fondital nova florida for maintenance (service) fault or any spare part you need is immediately available.

The full range of our FONDITAL products is characterized by modern technology, reliability, ease of use, long life and above all the CE quality control certification.